Terms & Conditions

  1. Passenger must be present at the Rotam Maritime Port Office at the latest 2 hours before departure.
  2. Passengers without a boarding pass will not be allowed on board. Passengers who will travel must obtain a boarding pass from Rotam Maritime Port offices.
  3. Passenger ticket belongs to the person and cannot be transferred or used by anyone else.
  4. The ship company may change the departure times or days of the ship without any notice, and cancel the cruises. Therefore, the passenger cannot claim damages from the carrier company.
  5. Passenger, due to his status documents (Student, Soldier, Border Crossing Document, Veteran , Diplomat) is obliged to present it at the time of ticket purchase and check-in. Ticket price differences due to incorrect/incomplete declarations will be charged at check-in.
  6. Refunds of canceled tickets are made with a penalty. The agency service fee, if any, is non-refundable. Unused tickets must be converted into open tickets within before the 6 hours of departure time, by the authorized agency or Rotam Maritime Head Office. Open tickets are valid for 1 year from the date of sale.
  7. If the ticket owner chooses a higher-priced flight that may arise due to the date change, he is obliged to pay the difference in the ticket fare. The passenger cannot claim the difference in the fare due to a lower fare flight that may be selected due to the date change.
  8. As of 29.01.2019, all taxes and charges such as land-based, finance, porter and municipality have been included in all passenger ticket prices.
  9. All baggage responsibility belongs to the owner of the goods and the carrier is not responsible for any damage or loss that may occur during the journey. Again, the damage to the vehicles during loading, unloading and cruising belongs to the vehicle owner and the carrier company is not responsible.
  10. Passengers cannot carry explosive, flammable and cutting materials, compressed gases, radioactive materials, any materials and tools that may endanger the ship and human life in their luggage and vehicles.
  11. Strictly no smoking on board. pregnant passengers; A doctor's report is requested in the form of "can travel by ship" between 28-35 weeks and they are not accepted to sail after 36 weeks. These passengers are obliged to notify the agency of their pregnancy status. If the pregnancy status is not reported, all responsibility will be on the passenger.
  12. From the moment they board the ship, the passengers are obliged to strictly follow the instructions given by the ship's captain.
  13. Only TRNC courts are authorized to settle any disputes arising from transportation.
  14. For the necessary documents and conditions regarding travel, see https://rotamdenizcilik.com or visit the Frequently Asked Questions section of our website https://bilet.rotamdenizcilik.com.